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We plan on offering a variety of outings to a variety of people. For example, River Ridge Ranch (our land base) has frequently been asked to provide tours on Conservation Planning by government agencies. These have been groups that are in learning sessions locally, but participants have come from the national, state and county levels. We'll be continuing to conduct these training tours so that our leaders understand the value of sustainable, regenerative design in working landscapes like ranches and farms.

How about finding out something of where your food originates and how it's grown? The Institute will be offering a Grass-Fed Beef Tasting! Imagine strolling across the green pastures, admiring the moos and then feasting on delicious grass-fed, grass-finished, organically-grown beef in this idyllic setting. This is where the erosion prevention, water conservation, wildlife habitat improvement, open space preservation and working landscape rhetoric all comes together to delight your taste buds and round out your understanding of what we do and how we do it. Springville Ranch Beef is grown on River Ridge Ranch and sold locally at Farmer's Markets. You'll get the chance to see how that's done and tell us what you think of the taste, while you learn that it's good for you.

How about a walk that emphasizes Wildlife Habitat? We plan and implement wildlife habitat improvements constantly. Come join us and learn about local wildlife, where it lives, what it needs and how you can do some simple things in your own backyard or neighborhood. There's wildlife everywhere!

Maybe you're interested in our Native Plants? We can provide a tour that visits trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses.

Or, how about Local History? River Ridge was homesteaded in the mid-1800's and there is a lot of both First People and Settler history on the ranch. It's a great walk and it takes you back for a glimpse of life in our foothills a long, long time ago.

Foothills Festival

River Ridge Foothills Festival Poster 2019

Trout in the Classroom


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