The Institute is planning a variety of classes that will occur on both a regular, repeating basis and as one-time-only offerings. Here’s a smattering of possibilities. (If you have expertise and would like to offer a class, please email us.)

Oaks, Oaks, Oaks: Learn to recognize our different native oak trees, collect acorns and learn oak propagation techniques. Take home a pet oak tree! All materials provided. This class is a late Summer/early Fall offering.

Beginning Birding: Join us as we explore along the Tule River, the pastures and the blue oak woodlands, learning to identify common birds by their silhouettes, behavior, appearance and sounds. This class will require binoculars and good attitude! We will start at the beginning and expect no knowledge on your part.

Mammal Tracking: We'll wander the range and river and find tracks of commonly-found mammals at River Ridge, such as coyote, bobcat, raccoon, deer. We'll teach you to tell the difference between a calf and Gary's Big Foot...

Foothills Festival

River Ridge Foothills Festival Poster 2019

Trout in the Classroom


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