Future Projects

Some of the upcoming projects we'll be working on include:

  • expanding our Bluebird Trail so that we can encourage more birds to nest on our pastures and keep eating those yummy insects.
  • maintaining and adding to our 'Quail Piles' which serve as refuges for a variety of organisms from bugs to bunnies.
  • gathering and piling nuisance plants,e.g., Himalayan blackberry, and preparing it for prescribed burns.
  • planting hundreds of natives of a dozen or more varieties. This is a great opportunity to learn techniques you can use on your own sites.
  • censusing and measuring oak stumps so that we can gain an understanding of what our pastures looked like last century; this aids us in our restoration and grazing management plans.

Jam Wednesday

RiverRidgeInstitute jam

Foothills Festival

River Ridge Foothills Festival Postertiny

Streambed Restoration

RiverRidgeInstitute streambed

Trout in the Classroom


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