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Fire is a natural tool

Burning helps restore and improve pasture

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North Fork Tule River

Healthy waterways benefit all

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Regenerative grazing

Dairy heifers in winter

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Kids in Nature- Yes!

Trout in the Classroom program

Welcome to River Ridge Institute

JAM Wednesday

RiverRidgeInstitute jamEach Wednesday evening in spring and late summer, into the Thanksgiving holiday week, we host JAM Wednesday. Everyone is invited to “BYO Everything” and listen to local and itinerant musicians, storytellers, poets and crackpots take a turn at the live mic. The event runs from 6-9 PM and tables and chairs are provided. Dancing is encouraged!

Over the years that we have hosted this community event, a stalwart group of accomplished musicians has coalesced into an honest-to-goodness band. They are now known as the River Ridge Irregulars, led by Patti Torrey and her astonishing range of musical knowledge, experience and ability, and they form a backup group that can accompany anyone wishing to perform or just provide the mainstay of music for the JAM evening. The Irregulars have even taken it on the road and are now booked for outside events, e.g., Music in the Park in downtown Springville.

JAM has become a place where children experience the thrill of running around and listening to live music, often both for the first time! We are tolerant of off-key singers, would-be poets, fumbling fretters and stage fright. So, come on down and sit and listen, stroll the ranch or bring your music maker. Best to leave the dogs at home, please. Puleeeze.

$5 donation encouraged.

Jam Wednesday

RiverRidgeInstitute jam

Foothills Festival

River Ridge Foothills Festival Postertiny

Streambed Restoration

RiverRidgeInstitute streambed

Trout in the Classroom


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